Data and research policies

7. Data and research policies

7.1 Clinical trial registration

BJ-BABS requires that all clinical trials be registered in a public trials registry at or before the time of first patient enrollment as a condition of consideration for publication. The trial registry name, registration identification number, and URL for the registry should be included in the manuscript.

7.2 Statistical methods and reproducibility

Authors are required to provide a detailed description of the statistical methods used in their study, and to ensure that the results presented in their manuscript can be reproduced by other researchers given the same data. Authors may be required to submit their raw data for review by the editorial team.

7.3 Use of animals in research

For studies involving animals, BJ-BABS requires that the research complies with all relevant local, national, ethical, and regulatory principles, and local licensing arrangements. A statement detailing compliance with relevant guidelines and/or appropriate permissions or licenses must be included in the manuscript.

7.4 Data sharing

BJ-BABS encourages authors to share the data and other artefacts supporting the results in their paper by archiving it in an appropriate public repository. Authors should include a data availability statement, including a link to the repository they have used, so that this statement can be published alongside their paper.

7.5 Research data

BJ-BABS encourages authors to present their data in a clear and accessible manner. Raw data should be made freely available to the academic community wherever legally and ethically possible.