Plagiarism Policy

  • Baghdad Journal of Biochemistry and Applied Biological Sciences (BJB-ABS) publishers follow strict policy in case of plagiarism within its purview. Before, during or after the publication process, if the editorial board member, reviewer, author detects any element of plagiarism; the authors are advised to provide proper citations and to re-write the article with its own words. An article plagiarized more than 25% is summarily rejected and the author is informed the same.
  • The submitted manuscript is checked for the plagiarism by Turnitin software before starting the review process.
  • If 5% plagiarism is detected the manuscript is sent for revision by proving an ID. The manuscript is sent back to the author if the plagiarism extent is in between 5% to 30%, but the manuscript is not provided with an ID. If more than 30% plagiarism is detected, the manuscript is rejected without the review process and the authors are advised to revise and resubmit the manuscript.